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Deeds Infernal Agreement BBA Imperial Stout 440ml

Deeds Infernal Agreement BBA Imperial Stout 440ml

April 2023 update: It wasn't the final release..... It remains a phenomenal beer, but there's too much around. Time to go. Was $35 before pack discounts. 


Apparently the final release in the big Deeds BBA Stout series, Infernal Agreement is made with Habanero & Vanilla. I had a splash at GABS and had a can later, when really I didn't need another drink, lest one as big as this - so the notes are not as they usually are. It's massive, hedonistic, stouty sludge with heaps of vanilla, coconut, coffee and dark chocolate vibes, and a gentle prickle from the Habanero. It's outrageously good, and will continue to improve in the tin for a while, if you can keep your paws off it.  

$21.00 each.

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