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Deeds Scarlet Apparition Barrel Aged Mixed Culture Ale With Morello Sour Cherries 750ml

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Another Deeds flex, and another feather in the caps of those who argue "there's nothing they can't do well." 

That colour! Real Pet Nat Pinot or Grenache vibes in the glass. I can't get past the smell of Pinot Noir here; plum, cherry, barnyard, leather, then Schezuan pepper, cola, herbs. Incredible to smell. The palate is significantly richer than many of this beer's contemporaries, it really has some weight and structure and that to me at least, is what sets it ahead of the pack. The acid and funk sure do smack you around, but the generosity of it adds a dimension that makes this beer one incredibly delicious adventure. Share with a Pet Nat loving friend. Or guzzle yourself.... responsibly.