Burnley's heckin' crazy Oktoberfest pack!

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The maniac Lager wizards at Burnley have absolutely outdone themselves this time around. We absolutely adore the way Burnley has gone about their business quietly churning out quality not-so-flashy beers. This is their statement, this is their moment to shine and boy howdy are we here for it. 

This is an achievement for Burnley that you should celebrate by popping your belly responsibly. 

This here pack includes;

Burnley Helles 440ml 4.5%
It's their classic beer flavoured beer. Simple yet difficult to execute well. An understated classic. 

Burnley Vienna Lager 440ml 5.2%
Big biscuit flavours, soft spicy hops. Like drinking a cuddle. 

Burnley x Hofbrauhaus Pilsner 440ml 4.8%
One of Melbourne's oldest and best German-inspired hospitality institutions combined with one of Melbourne's youngest and best German-inspired hospitality institutions. Five pretzels thanks!

Burnley Dunkles 440ml 5.2%
Dark Lager that's more on the softer chocolatey side rather than the bitter roasty side. Good drinkin' for the dark-curious. 

Burnley Dunkles Weizen 5.1%
The best bits of the beer above, with the best bits of the beer below. It's a cronk without a cronk. YOU'RE WELCOME! 

Burnley Weizen 440ml 5.5%
I am going to scream when this is gone. The market is crying for a reliable Aussie wheatyboi and here it is - albeit a limited bloody run. Fruit esters by the TRUCKLOAD. Spritzy, yeasty, refreshing, yum. 

Burnley Berliner Weisse 440ml 3.0%
Berliner has kinda been mucked around with a fair bit of late - if you're wondering what the base style was like before all the crazy fruit additions and other nonsense, here it is. The foundation stone to the sour party beer empire. 

Burnley Kolsch 440ml 4.4%
Kolsch is German for neck-oil, or so I'm told. The best bits of a pale ale intertwined with the best bits of a Helles make for a fabulous social lubricant that you're going to be annoying the heck out of us for when it's all gone. 

Burnley Lichtenhainer 440ml 4.2%
A style not seen here before, smoky sour. To me, not too sour, not too smoky, not too boozy - just an interesting drink. 

Burnley Schwarzbier 440ml 4.9%
Dark dark dark Lager that waltzes into the roasty and bitter space. Savoury without the hefty chonk of a Stout. Grouse. 

Burnley Bockbier 440ml 7.1%
Ladies & Gentlemen, LET'S GET READY TO GET MALTYYYYYYYY! Massive massive massive malt bomb, spicy noble hop action. 

Burnley Bohemian Pils 440ml 4.8%
Crispy, effervescent, refreshing Pilsner with green, herbaceous, spicy notes. Really, really good, but not many words required. 

Burnley Rauchbier 440ml 5.4%
Malty amber Lager with a bit of BBQ smoke action going on - note - not peat smoke like whisky, but BBQ smoke, beechwood smoke. Effing delicious bacony vibes in this lager. 

Burnley Altbier 440ml 5.0%
This is to Helles as toast is to white bread. Can you tell it's getting late here? Clean, refreshing amber Lager with sligthtly toasty nutty vibes.