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Burnley Nitro Coffee Brown Ale 2022 440ml

Burnley Nitro Coffee Brown Ale 2022 440ml

This is the fifth (I think) version of Burnley's lovely Nitro Coffee Brown Ale. It's one of those beers that sit here quietly and ticks over just at a gentle pace until it's gone. Then suddenly once it's gone, every person and their flipping dogs come in looking for it. It's a mild, velvet soft and cruisy gently bitter plunger coffee that makes you a little bit happier than a regular non-boozy covfefe. Grab one while you can, and please don't be one of those people that says "Oh Ryan, wish you had have told me this was limited."  $8.50 per tin. Buy any 6+ tins and pay $6.80 per tin.
$8.50 each, or $6.80 in any buy of six or more cans.

12 units in stock.

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