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Bink Wines Sargeant J Grenache 2022 750ml

Bink Wines Sargeant J Grenache 2022 750ml

Grenache from Barossa Valley at just 12.6%. This is one of the best wines we've seen this year. During the tasting we both looked around at one another simultaneously to see how the other had judged it - this doesn't happen so often. It's something that happens or only the very best or only the very worst of what we try. Lovely inviting colour, perfumed, fresh, inviting aromatics, fine lean palate with bright juicy fruit, crunchy acid and soft tannins - it sits right at the top of the satisfying wine tree. If you're tired of Pinot Noir but want to stay in a similar lane, it's time to give Grenache like this a whirl. 

$29.00 each, or $26.85 in any wine dozen buy.

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