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Beenleigh Copper Pot Rum 700ml

Beenleigh Copper Pot Rum 700ml

Beenleigh is a bit of a funny one for us; it's got such a long and rich history, though during some periods a tough history. In the Victorian market at least, it has always played second (if not third or forth) fiddle to far more aggressively marketed Rum brands. Now under the latest ownership and leadership team, Beenleigh seeks to again establish itself as a brand of integrity and quality; which frankly is something that's been missing from the Australian "cane spirit" scene for some time. 

Here's a soft, clean and straightforward Rum that's more than capable of holding it's own in a wallet friendly straight sipper, or mixed into anything you can imagine. Very good value for money. 

$42.00 each.

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