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Allevare Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2022 750ml

Allevare Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2022 750ml

Chardy from Coldstream in the Yarra Valley, barrel fermented, a small portion of which was new. I really like this wine, which is why I purchased it - but I have written down some strange notes for it. So you'll have to bear with me until I have tried another bottle - or take the punt on what I've written. Really nutty nose, popcorn & butter, warm, a little Pecorino & tortilla. Yep. That's what I wrote. Medium bodied palate, super briney, savoury, tortilla, gentle nectarines, touch of pith very appealing. More Pecorino. It's with some hesitation that I hit publish here. 

$40.00 each, or $37.04 in any wine dozen buy.

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